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Iroh’s Alone Time…. A Funny Fanfic.

Iroh sat in his chair on the ship staring across Yue bay. He remembered the stories his grandfather had told him of how this beautiful city came to be. It was such a splendid tale and every time he thought of it, he couldn’t help but smile.

It was approaching light out for the ship. Iroh stood up from his chair in his warmly lit room and grabbed the intercom.

”Light out in 10. Thank you all for a wonderful day.”

The line clicked as he put the phone back on the hook. Iroh returned to his desk, piled high with papers and his electronic picture controlling box. He reached over and clicked a button which illuminated the screen. This technology had not been released to the public and was only available to high ranking officers. The company called it a “computer”, whatever that was. The large box hummed as the screen was fully lit. A long chord extended and was attached to a smaller box with more buttons. An additional electronic panel was attached with about 5 more wires. Every letter was on its own little box, as wall as some additional foreign shapes and lines. 

Iroh clicked what only could be described as a large floating aqua “E” on the screen.  page blinked open, requesting more information. Iroh moved the heavy panel towards himself, groaning as it scrapped across the desk as he began to smash the buttons.


Iroh clicked a small arrow and it proceeded to open up the “Military, Youth, Spiritual Placement and Combat Equipment” website. 

Iroh still couldn’t believe how useless the website was, all it contained was files of all the generals and military personal information. Each member has their own section of the website. They called it a “profile”.

Iroh noticed a small red box in the shape of a letter. He had see it before, so he clicked on it before it could escape his fiery wrath.

What he found was a folder of pictures. Pictures of one of his newest members: Bolin. After the battle for republic city, Bolin had joined him on his ship to help train more earth benders. As far as he knew, Bolin did not have one of these “profiles”, nor did anyone in his fleet. 

Iroh out of curiosity clicked on the manila square with his small hand box. Suddenly the screen was replaced by a picture of Bolin lying naked in bed, his personal rock just barely covered by the blanket. 

"What…what is this!"

"Iroh tried to shut the picture off, but his small hand box was not responding, as if a water bender had frozen it. The background seemed to fade away as Iroh was faced with Bolin’s photograph. 

"Who…who would send this…"

Iroh scanned the page with his eyes and saw the word “from’ in small gray font.

"Anon…? Who is Anon? It sounds awfully familiar… Must be a mistake."

Iroh again tried to close the picture, but it remained on the page. Nothing was working. 

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Iroh looked at the clock sitting in the edge of the desk. It read 11 p.m. 

"Not now. Why must I have my crew be so punctual with the daily wrap. 

"General Iroh. I have come with the statistics of the fleet today."

The door handle rattled and began to turn.

In a panic, Iroh punched his fist through the screen in a fiery blaze just in time to recover before his crew member joined him.

"Sir, what happened?"

"What…what are you talking about?"

"Sir your magic box of knowledge is on fire."

"Oh…that. It is…sick?"

Iroh let out a meager laugh.

"Oh my," his Commander mumbled. "Did it catch a cold?"

"I think it’s a virus," Iroh commented before extinguishing the fire and casually tossing the computer over board.

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